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Our Vision

Life in work can be challenging but at ewbi our mission is to help businesses big or small understand and empower their teams, driving improved well-being that delivers for both employer and employee.

We know that all employers want the best for their workforce, however, it is the ones who create a truly unique, understanding and nurturing workplace culture that reap the benefits of their happy and engaged employees.

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Our Story

The importance of supporting employee well-being and mental health is something most business leaders will agree upon, but just how this is realised and embedded authentically into workplace culture often leaves a lot to be desired.

In our own journey navigating well-being in the workplace, both from a managerial perspective where actions had a direct impact on the lives of others, and as an end-user of well-being products and platforms designed to improve team engagement and wellness, which were critically flawed, it's safe to say we've learned some valuable lessons.

It is always interesting to see how a strong vision, ethics, and well-being plan can really make a difference for employees every day. Yet equally, just how damaging it can be when short-term business objectives are prioritized at the expense of the people who make these goals become a reality.

Devalued well-being, a lack of basic HR principles, confused pathways of progression or poor internal infrastructure, resources, and support networks can often hold back teams, even with the best of intentions.

Our own diverse team with specialisms in areas such as data analysis, development coaching and people management, came together due to a shared vision of a better way to work.

We're proud to be able to pass on the knowledge we have gained across industry sectors to help you and your employees share a happier, healthier future.

Team Meeting
Team of Industrial Engineers
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Scott Dixon I Founder of ewbi

"Creating something meaningful, that makes a difference for everyone we work with everyday, is what makes ewbi special.

It isn't an easy task but through honest, transparent engagement and a desire to really understand the people behind the work they do, we can make better workplaces where well-being is placed at the heart of every decision."

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of employees have experienced poor mental health

*MIND Workplace Wellbeing Index 2021/22


employees have 15% lower levels of mental health than others


of employees say their manager encourages them to give feedback on their style


of people feel uncomfortable discussing poor mental health 


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